For me, the most important part of photography is to make you feel something when you look through your wedding photographs. I work really hard on creating amazing pictures for every client.
Sometimes though, some of the best images are growers – the pictures that come to mean more and more to you in years to come, and I have these shots in mind too when I’m shooting.
I have huge enthusiasm for photography, and you’ll always find me with smile on my face when I’m working. I know how it feels to be on both sides of the camera, which I think is a huge benefit in identifying with how you’re feeling on such a big day.
I’ve always had a strong desire to document real life through photography, so I think this is why wedding photography has become my passion. The ability to provide people with a collection of amazing memories is a great gift, and I love being able to hand over a completed collection of images that encompass a truly amazing time in your life.
I Graduated with 1st class honours from the University of Glywndr, BA, Global business. As much as growing my Business into household name is a vision of mine, capturing your day professionally, to create and everlasting beautiful memories is of utmost importance.